Which is The Best Time to Visit India for a Surreal Experience ?

India is well-known for its rich heritage, culture, and religion. To visit a place, which is rich and abundant in the culture and comprises various communities, India is the best one them. Indian culture is not built in a day, it took centuries of history, declaring it one of the oldest, and best in the world. Today after China, India is the second most diverse and most popular country with an approximately 1.3 billion population.

Always consider the best time to visit India:

The best time to visit India, especially from foreign countries is from November to the beginning of March month. Make sure you book your flight ticket to India in advance so you don’t have to break the banks. 

During the rest of the months, India is extremely hot, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. These months are the best as these months come in count as the tourist season in India. This time marks the best time to visit India even for lowland spots, and adventures, national parks are comparatively dry during such times. 

Some amazing places that you must visitIf you are traveling to see a particular location with a planned trip then we have categorized the list for the travelers. Come and visit these amazing places and spend an excellent time here.

The season for hikers and trekkers in India:

  • India welcomes hikers and trekkers in various locations. Best trekking routes in India are extended from icy deserts to various tropical forests and from the breathtaking Himalayas to steep meadows.
  • Trekking routes with wonderful experiences are in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Manali, Kerala, etc. Some of the well-known treks are Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Pin Parvati Pass, The Himalayas, and the Karakoram ranges. Trekkers and hikers are always advised to explore India in April, May, and starting June. 

 hiking in india

Find calm and peace to relax:

  • If you are the one who loves to be away from the crowd then Buddha Monarchies and Orchha Fort in Madhya Pradesh during the summer months and Dhanush Kodi during the winter months are worth visiting
  • Peace-loving people feel relaxed and energized in such calm places. 
  • After these famous Monarchies and Forts, Gonjang Monarchy in Sikkim is a soothing place. One can feel the calmness of this place during December and January. 


Spare some time on Beaches and Water Activities: 

  • The beautiful beaches of India are the most attractive places for Beach and Water activity lovers. 
  • The water activity that is loved by people the most is boating. Kayaking, canoeing, and the places where these activities can be done are Rishikesh, Lakshadweep, Kavalam, and Pondicherry
  • The summer months are the best time to visit India for the individuals who love Beach and water activities. In addition to this Goa is the place that remains on the top list known for its famous beaches. 

best beach in india

Explore sacred places for divine blessings: 

  • Almost all holy and religious places remain open throughout the year in India. Famous Hindu temples, gurudwaras, and Dargah remains open the whole year. 
  • All around the globe, India has the most famous and beautiful holy places and the best ones are there in Varanasi. 
  • Jammu and Kashmir have a famous Vaishno Devi temple, and Amritsar has a very famous Gurudwara named Harmandir Sahib. People come from far and nearby places to visit and learn about the history of India’s Holy places.

kedarnath india

Must visit Cities of India: 

Starting from New Delhi the most populous city, Mumbai the second one, followed by Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and many more. While talking about the religion in India, it is identified as the birthplace of both Hindus and Buddhas. 

Whereas it’s a magic and undeniable beauty to see in Shimla, Manali, and Darjeeling including Ladakh, and connecting roads. The best time to visit India is from November till March. These days during June Ladakh welcomes people with good weather, rest of the country is waiting for the monsoons as the humidity is at its peak and people are feeling extremely hot. 

It also depends from person to person and place to place which season or time they should consider coming here.

  • Best time to visit the Indian Himalayas: The best time to visit the Indian Himalayas is from November to February. In another season, the places will be dry from January to February and face heavy rainfall from June to August.  
  • Best time to visit Delhi: November to February is the best time to visit Delhi. It is suggested to avoid other times of the year if you cannot survive the extremely hot and humid monsoon.
  • Best time to visit Goa: January and February are considered the best time to come to Goa when the weather is mildly warm.
  • Best time to visit Mumbai: You should consider the months of January and February to visit Mumbai. 
  • Best time to visit Rajasthan: Rajasthan is most enjoyable in December, January, and February.

Tips to Discover the Lowest Airfares: 

If you are aware of when and where to travel then you just need to do is set an airfare alert with airlines. Also, you can set notifications to specific websites, links, and portals and get notified at the time when the fare for the airline tickets drops down. This only works best and foremost if you are specific about the location and the time when to travel. 

Airline prices may raise in proportion to the rising prices of fuel and demand for seats. Still, individuals can look for the best deals and offers to book flight tickets that are flexible and strategic. 

Below we have mentioned a few points to be kept in mind before booking airline tickets:

  • Look for tickets at proper timings not too early not too late.
  • Set alarms after some intervals and do proper research.
  • Be specific about timing and destination.
  • Check travel season before bookings if planned.
  • Be prepared for the formalities due to pandemics.

One more basic tip to book flights that must be kept in mind is an individual must look for a 2-8 months in case of international travel. One can get the cheap flight ticket deals to India from Fantastic Fare. 


Can I currently travel to India?

The first and foremost step for every tourist is to check whether he/she is eligible to travel with all medical aids and other formalities. After the COVID situation, currently, Airlines resumed international flights in March this year which has recovered the aviation economy. These days it is recommended to prefer non-stop flights to India rather than connecting flights to a third country. 

How can I book flights to India?

With the increase in demand for international flights, the prices are likely to drop in the upcoming days. All the airline companies in competition with each other are ramping up their services for the passengers traveling in and out of India. Passengers traveling to India can easily book tickets from various online portals, and websites. These online platforms such as Fantastic Fare have made a hassle-free, and time-saving process for flight booking. One can easily book flight tickets to India without stepping out of the house.

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