Booster Dose rules

Still Confused Over Rules For Covid Booster Shot For Foreign Travel?

There are some COVID-19 protocols for the abroad travelers; the administration of booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine before nine months are mired in confusion.

Previously, the Centre announced that there is no need to produce any travel documents who are taking the precautions. But, now the vaccination centers are planning to ask for some proof to show that the recipient is travelling abroad under one of the grounds stated by the Centre.

There are no guidelines issued till now but the Centre, on May 12, Indians travelling abroad are allowed to take the booster shot three months instead of nine months after the second dose, if mandated in the guidelines of the destination country.

As per the Union health ministry People who need to travel for purpose such as “education, employment opportunities, sports tournament, bilateral, multilateral meetings as part of India’s official delegation, attending business commitments, etc.” are allowed to take the third shot. Also they stated that, there is no need to upload any travel documents on Co-WIN.

But, this statement has put everyone in confusion like without checking the travel documents how to know if one can tell if any individual is traveling abroad with purpose or for leisure.

However, some centers are asking for travel documents and they have given the booster shots for two individuals based on ticket and passport. Those who cannot produce any travel document will not be discouraged. 

All this have left a question in mind of everyone that travelers who are not genuine would fake it to take a booster. Barely around 12,000-13,000 people come to take boosters daily and average vaccination count has been dropped.

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