atlanta to Dubai

Over the years Dubai has evolved and has become one of the popular tourist attractions that have been enticing visitors from different sectors. Dubai is full of ambition from tall buildings to mega malls. Besides, it is home to the grandest and the most world-class hotels that offer a five-star experience during the stay.  While staying in Dubai, tourists get a lot of options to stay in Dubai. Tourists have a choice of staying in different areas. Besides, Dubai is home to the largest mall and retail outlet. Dubai has so much to offer in a single trip which makes people return over again and again.  Traveling and being on holiday will not be an issue in Dubai as it offers an extensive range of activities and places that you can enjoy with your children. 

 There are number of reasons why you should travel to Dubai

 Beautiful nightlife 

Is Dubai the best place to vacation, you might wonder? Dubai nightlife is the same as New York nightlife, it doesn’t sleep at night. There are a number of things to do in Dubai at night, and the party goes on at all hours.

Dubai is the most happening and desirable place for a transit break, as people can spend either the day or the night here and enjoy the attractions. Special night tours are provided for people who want to see the city in all its glory at night. Right from the musical operas of Madinat Jumeirah, to the singing fountains of Dubai to the Burj Khalifa to Bollywood Parks, Dubai has a star-studded atmosphere at night.

 Despite all this, the city’s nightclubs and bars are open all night, so the fun never stops!

Where else can you find vibrant,  exclusive sculptures made out of flowers in the world? Dubai, of course!

The Miracle garden in Dubai 

Dubai Miracle Gardens are rife with incredible flower sculptures of world leaders, cartoon characters, landmarks, heart-shaped arches, to a full-sized Emirates airplane. These arrangements change season to season, so keep abreast of what’s going on at the Dubai Miracle Gardens.

Experiencing the Food Capital of the World!

If you’re still figuring out why you should visit Dubai then its mouth-watering food is another city that you should be in, there’s not a doubt about it. There’s a representation of every culture in the world in Dubai, and every culture’s cuisine as well. You can forget your fast-food outlets and focus on eating excellent food from a range of cuisines – Indian, Iranian, Afghani, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Emirati, Moroccan, and many, many more.

Best time to travel to Dubai, UAE

Being in the middle of the desert, Dubai only really has one season that can be hot or hot. But the for sure thing is that the heat never dissipates. if you’re desiring for an eternal summertime or tanning and soaking in vitamin D then it is the ideal place for you. That said, the summer season of Dubai can be rather unbearable for some of the tourists so the winter season of Dubai is more popular for tourists.

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