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What are Nonstop Flights between USA and India in 2021 and 2022

List Of NON-STOP flights between USA and India in 2022?

Nowadays, travelers are more interested in overseas visits therefore the number of international travelers is growing day by day. Also, a huge number of Indian migrants working in USA visit their home country in regular intervals of time. Thus, the rapid increase in travelers has resulted in high demand for non-stop USA to INDIA Flights. Usually, non-stop flights cost more than direct flights and connecting flights but, the feeling of reaching early with less air travel makes worth of it.
With the hope of attracting good volumes of travelers with non-stop and frequent service plus much shorter journey time; the airline industry is planning to launch non-stop flights between USA and India.

List of USA to INDIA Non-Stop Flights:

There are a total 16 of non-stop bookable routes across four airlines, out of which 9 are operated by Air India, 5 by United Airlines, 1 by Delta Airlines, and 1 by American Airlines.

USA to INDIA non-stop Flights operated by Air India:
Being the premier flight carrier of India Air India is perhaps the best and most preferred airline when it comes to booking Cheap Flights to INDIA From USA. It offers budget-friendly airfare with great service and suitable baggage allowance. The most common routes for USA to INDIA Direct Flights are from San Francisco, Newark, Chicago, or New York to New Delhi.

Understand the routes in detail as specified below:

1. San Francisco to Delhi (SFO-DEL):

The route was launched on 2nd December 2015 and Air India became the first airline to connect DEL to SFO with its non-stop service. This non-stop flight managed to reduce the flying time by 6 hours, making it 15h 55m. On the first day, when the plane reached SFO airport the towers were lit with Indian flag colors giving a warm welcome to the passengers. This marked the beginning of non-stop flights between USA and India.

2. Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL):

Air India was the first airline to take passengers from Chicago to Delhi over a non-stop flight. But now United Airlines has started the route giving competition to Air India. The recorded time for Chicago to Delhi flight is 14h 35min.

3. Washington to Delhi (IAD-DEL):

This non-stop itinerary from Washington to Delhi was launched in July 2017. The route is helping to manage the rush hour of India-USA travelers. Also, the non-stop flights have decreased the travel time to 14h 15 min.

usa to india non stop fligs


4. New York to Delhi (JFK-DEL):

For many years, Air India has had the privilege of serving all the famous airports of USA and India. New York to Delhi is considered as one of the busiest routes in the US-India travel sector. In 1993, Air India started to serve this route with Boeing 747-300M but, from 2018, it officially launched its round non-stop flight service for this route.

5. Newark to Delhi (EWR-DEL):

Newark to Delhi is a 13h 40min journey if you pick a non-stop flight. Make sure you check the baggage policy because Air India has revised the policy for travelers from Newark. Now, you no longer take a free check-in economy baggage allowance.

6. New York to Mumbai (JFK-BOM):

The route of New York to Mumbai begin to serve by Air India from December 2018.


7. Newark to Mumbai (EWR-BOM):

Newark is a prime tourist hub and most travelers keep it on their bucket list. Reaching here means getting in touch with the sparkling nightlife and interesting selection of museums and landmarks. Air India non-stop flights between Newark to Mumbai take around 14h 45m to reach the destination.

8. Chicago to Hyderabad (ORD-HYD):

Chicago to Hyderabad non-stop flights by Air India were launched on 13 January 2021. Take off from India operates every week on Wednesdays and the return flight takes place once every week on Fridays. Those who do not want to burn a hole in their pocket can pick Air India for their journey as it offers the opportunity to grab Cheap Flights to INDIA From USA.


9. San Francisco to Bengaluru (SFO-BLR):

Launched In January 2021, San Francisco to Bengaluru is a long-haul air travel. Non-stop flights by Air India are an easy and convenient option for travelers for this long journey. This is the longest non-stop route operated by Air India. “This route, at this point, will be third in the ranking for longest routes operated by all carriers,” a United spokesperson recently said.


USA to INDIA non-stop Flights operated by United Airlines

1. San Francisco to Delhi (SFO-DEL):

Rather than USA to INDIA Direct Flights the non-stop flights are one step ahead by saving the travel time. United Airlines is continuously operating the non-stop service to this route since 2019. Traveling to and from San Francisco allow you to get closer to hill terrain, scenic beauty, and traditional Victorian architecture.


2. Newark to Delhi (EWR-DEL):

After Air India, United Airlines came into the market by opening new options for Newark to Delhi travelers. The non-stop route by United Airlines completes the tour in 14h which is around 20 mins more than the Air India flight. Although United Airlines is hopping up to become the first choice of passengers.

3. Newark to Mumbai (EWR-BOM):

For this route, United Airlines is giving strong competition to Air India. Both take equal travel time which makes this route convenient for frequent flyers.


4. Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL):

On10th December 2020, United Airline started the Chicago to Delhi Non-Stop Flights service. The reason behind initiating service for this route is that a huge amount of people used to live in Chicago and travel to India every year. Thus, to meet the demand-supply chain this service was initiated.

5. San Francisco to Bangalore (SFO-BLR):

It is the new route operated by United Airline in September 2020. The flight operations were restricted due to the covid 19 pandemic but will be in charge from May 2022.


USA to INDIA non-stop Flights operated by Delta Airlines:

1. New York to Mumbai (JFK-BOM):

On 22 Dec 2019, Delta launched its first non-stop flight operation from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Mumbai airport. This route has set up a great connection between the financial capitals of two popular countries. It has opened the doors for international growth as well as a relief for travelers with an extended range of choices.


USA to India Non-Stop Flights Operated by American Airlines

1. New York to Delhi (JFK-DEL):

New York to Delhi route was launched on 12 November 2021 by American Airlines. American Airlines will fly daily on this route.


Non-Stop flight routes that are expected to be launched soon:

• Seattle to Bengaluru Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines

• Seattle to Bengaluru Non-Stop Flights by American Airlines

So, find the airline of your choice from above list and book your itinerary that best suits you.


Some FAQs:

1. Which is considered best airline to fly from USA to India?

There are plenty of airlines operating direct and non-stop over this route. You must go for USA to INDIA Non-Stop Flights by any airline that offers the best deal. Some of the popular airlines are Air India, United Airlines, and American Airlines.


2. Which airline provides the best deal to travel in Cheap Flights to INDIA From USA?

Generally, Delta Airline offers great value deals that lure frequent travelers the most. Other than this Air India is also a good option if you are looking for inexpensive travel with limited facilities.


3. Which is the cheapest month to fly in USA to INDIA Flights?

April is the time when you can get inexpensive flight tickets to India. Avoid the months of high season and enjoy the low-cost tour.


4. What is the average travel time to fly from USA to India?

Usually, for a non-stop flight from USA to India the travel time is around 14 to 17 hours.

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