Nonstop VS Direct Flights

Know what could be better flying direct or non-stop

No matter if you’re a first-time flier or an experienced jet-setter, you can probably get confused with the types of flights and their seat type. This is because there are various airlines with different facilities as well as routes. There are definitely plenty of secrets and facts your airline isn’t telling you. 

There can be a different number of stops the aircraft will make. If you are not looking for connecting flights that include layovers then you will go for direct or non-stop flights. Some passengers think both are the same and this confusion may lead to a very big surprise for them.

Difference between non-stop flights and direct flights: 

Non-stop flights are exactly as they sound. Passengers will fly straight from one airport to another, with no stops along the way. Nonstop flights take passengers from one airport to another without stopping at any point. You will just board the plane, grab your seat, and the next time you touch the ground you realize you have reached your destination. 

On the other hand, Direct flights are different from non-stop flights. Whereas direct flights will stop at one or more stops along their route. Direct flight means the number of your flight will remain the same and the aircraft may make one or more stops.

Fare and convenience in a non-stop flight: 

Those looking for the quickest way to reach the destination should go with non-stop flights. A nonstop flight is the only way to reach your destination early. But, the major airlines charge expensive airfares for such convenience. Furthermore, the convenience of these flights is worth the fare. 

Fare and convenience in a direct flight:

If you’re not in a hurry to arrive then you are able to save by booking a direct flight to India. You can also compare the prices of direct flights with connecting flights if they are cheaper. In direct flights, there will be a stop at a midpoint airport where passengers will remain seated on the plane while some passengers exit and others board.

On the other hand, connecting flights require passengers to change planes at a midpoint airport, it can be either in a different terminal or on a different airline.

Advantages of non-stop flights: 

  • Non-stop flight saves time by directly going from the origin airport to the destination airport, without any intermediate stops. 
  • Less stress because there is no need to make the connection for the checked baggage. 

       Possible downsides of nonstop flights: 

  • There are few choices and expensive fares for non-stop flights.

Advantages of direct flights: 

  • For saving some money and time, a direct flight is the best choice for travelers.
  • No need to face the struggle of disembarking from the plane.

      Possible downsides of direct flights: 

  • Direct flights have to stop at an airport to refuel and potentially to pick up or drop off passengers and this may take a while. 

Non-stop flights are considered better:

 If you are one of those travelers who are willing to pay extra for the convenience then go for a non-stop flight. Just take your seat and it is   certain that the next stop is your destination. There is no need to worry about the baggage. These are the fastest way to reach the destination.

Hopefully, after reading this blog you have a clear understanding of the differences between non-stop, and direct flights. So next time you book a flight ticket to India, double-check if your flight is direct, or nonstop. Otherwise, you will be surprised to find yourself on the ground in some unexpected airport for a few hours. 

However, which type of flight you should choose depends on your circumstances and need. It will depend on the route you are wishing to travel and the budget you have and how much time you are willing to spend in transit.

If you are flying for the first time then it is recommended to pick a non-stop flight if possible. It will save you from a lot of the hassles by not having to transfer somewhere along the way and make your experience much more pleasant. There are some routes for which non-stop flights are not available then you have to go for direct flights to India.

Some FAQ: 

Which is the cheaper non-stop or direct flight?

Direct flights are cheaper than non-stop flights. 

Where can I book non-stop flights to India?

You can contact Fantastic Fare and tell us your preferences to us. We will search for the best possible non-stop flights to India at your convenience. 

Is a direct flight better for me?

If you are looking to save some money and time then obviously a direct flight is the best choice. But, if you are in a hurry and can pay more for it then pick the non-stop flights. 

Is there a stop involved in a direct flight?

Yes, a direct flight can involve one or more stops on the route. This can be for the purpose to pick up or offload passengers, or just for refueling.

Which airlines operate non-stop flights to India?

Air India, United, Delta, and American Airlines operate non-stop flights to India. 

What are the non-stop flight routes to India?

Non-stop flights to India are operated on the following routes:

  • San Francisco to Delhi
  • Chicago to Delhi
  • Washington to Delhi
  • New York to Delhi
  • Newark to Delhi
  • New York to Mumbai
  • Newark to Mumbai
  • Chicago to Hyderabad
  • San Francisco to Bengaluru


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