How much gold can I carry on an international flight

How much gold can I carry on an international flight?

These days we frequently hear about gold being seized at the airports. This happens when passengers fail to comply with the gold carrying policy by airlines. Since there are certain restrictions on carrying gold on a flight and entering a country with gold. Take a look at meeting gold import requirements into the country before you plan to carry gold with you. You must be aware that as a foreign return, how much gold I am allowed to bring? How much gold can I carry on an international flight? How much jewelry can I carry to USA from India? Many such questions arise in the passenger’s mind that must be cleared.

Whether it is in the form of jewelry, in terms of coins, or biscuits there are some limitations to carrying them that you should know before booking USA to India flights:

Conditions to carry gold on international flights to India:

  • The passenger should be an Indian Citizen
  • Gold-carrying passengers should have stayed abroad for at least one year.
  • Carrying Gold above the limit leads you to pay customs duty.
  • If the gold jewelry has pearls or stones in it, it will not be considered as a part of the allowance.
  • You are only allowed to bring gold on a flight from USA to India once in a six-month interval.

 Custom rules for Gold:

Duty-Free allowance:

Duty-free allowance for the passengers is allowed only for gold jewelry. For other forms of gold, you have to pay duty.

  1. An Indian passenger residing abroad for more than one year can bring gold jewelry in their baggage. But, the limitations are as follows:
  • A male passenger can bring 20 grams of gold jewelry.
  • A female passenger can carry 40 grams of gold jewelry with her.

Custom rules for Gold

As per the current market value of gold, male passengers can bring duty-free jewelry worth Rs. 50,000 and for females, it is worth Rs. 1 lakh. Since carrying gold is a subject of value, it will change with the change in market price of gold.

  1. There is no free allowance of gold for passengers coming from abroad within less than a year.
  2. Children coming from abroad after a year are also eligible for the duty-free allowance on gold jewelry.

Custom Duty and Carrying Gold as Baggage:

  1. Indian citizens or passengers holding a valid Indian passport can import gold as baggage coming back from abroad after staying for at least 6 months. None other than these are can import gold as baggage.
  2. The customs duty for gold is different for passengers. Those traveling after one or more years from abroad can bring up to 1kg of gold with 13.75 percent duty payable.
  3. Passengers residing abroad for 6 months to 1 year will be levied 12.5% custom charges.
  4. For passengers of Indian origin, if stays abroad for less than 6 months the payable duty is 38.5 %.

The limit for Carrying Gold to India:

  1. The passenger can bring the gold in form of baggage. But, each passenger can only bring 1 kg of gold (including ornaments) after paying the customs duty.
  2. Gold Bars and Gold Coins: Indian customs rules for gold jewelry is far different than gold coin and bars as mentioned below: For USA to India international, there is no allowance for gold bars and gold coins so you have to pay the customs duty for them. Each passenger can import gold bars and coins up to 1 Kg. Any passenger of Indian origin or a passenger having a valid passport can bring gold as baggage but the visitors from abroad can be made after six months and the duration of residing in India should be more than 30 days.
  3. For carrying more than 1 kg of gold coin and bars you must carry a detailed declaration document for it. Also, custom duty on coins and bars more than 1 Kg is 36.05%.
  4. For carrying gold bars make sure it has inscribed the serial number, weight, and the name of the manufacturer. Also, you will be charged a duty tax depending on the gold bar.

Export Certificate for Gold:

If you have high-value gold jewelry then it is advised to get an export certificate for it. This certificate issued by customs will include the information of the passenger’s name, passport, and details of items such as weight so you can easily carry such items with you and avoid unnecessary hassles.

The certificate valid for three years can be easily applied by filling out the form with a purchase invoice or valuation certificate.

Conditions for taking gold from India to USA:

  • Gold coins, medals, and bullion can be carried to the U.S. Copies of gold coins should be properly marked if brought to the US. Otherwise, the best way is to declare your gold before booking an India-to USA flight.
  • Gold coins, medals or bullion can be carried to the US without any duty but these items must be declared to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer.
  • If spendable” foreign currency i.e. gold coin; exceeds $10,000 then the traveler will need to fill out a FinCEN 105 form to report to the customs.

On International travel, always take precautions by declaring the required items because you will be going through customs. It is important to declare gold if you are carrying more than required or in excess. Also, make sure that you are updated with the latest norms of imports and changes in regulations by countries.

Some FAQ:

Is Carrying Gold to India legal?

Yes, carrying gold to India is legal and subject to certain restrictions and quantity.

How much gold you can carry out of USA?

There is no limitation to the amount of gold that can be carried on a flight from the USA to India. All you have to do is just declare it if exceeds the amount over $10,000.

What is ad valorem tax?

A Valorem tax is the tax imposed on the value of the good. It applies not to the weight quantity or size of the good but on the value.

What are custom duty charges?

You will be charged 36.05 percent duty if residing abroad for less than 6 months. On the other hand, custom duty charges are 10.3 % for passengers residing abroad for a year or more.

How much gold can I carry to India without duty?

For a female passenger, the aggregate value of gold jewelry should be Rs. 1,00,000 and for male passenger it is Rs. 50,000. Within this limit, you can carry gold to India without duty.

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