Grandmother Pleads For Action After School Shooting in UVALDE, Texas

Grandmother Pleads For Action After School Shooting in UVALDE, Texas

Ten-year-old Amerie Garza who was a fourth-grade student at Robb Elementary School loved her classes, drawing, and playing with clay. But, unfortunately she was one of 19 children murdered by a teen gunman in an act of evil. This violent act in Uvaled has forever changed Texas town.

63-year-old Dora Mendoza, who lived with Amerie and saw her granddaughter at an end-of-year ceremony on Tuesday just hours before she was killed. She quickly made it clear that she wanted US officials including President Joe Biden and Texas Governor Greg Abbott not to shy away from working together on reforms. Grandmother of Amerie Garza pleaded Thursday for urgent action by US authorities to prevent future school shootings.

She continued what if there will be another massacre and demands action from President Joe Biden and Congress.

“They shouldn’t just wait for…tragedy to start,” she said.

“Do something about it, I beg you. I beg you!” she wailed. “All the cries and all these little innocent babies… we don’t know what they went through.”

Amerie’s “abuela” was among several Uvalde residents who came to pray or leave flowers at the school memorial, where 21 small white wooden crosses have been erected bearing names of the 19 children and two teachers who were killed.

Among the mourners there was Yaritza Rangel, 23, who brought her four children to lay flowers.

Several Uvalde residents, relatives, students, and friends came to pray or leave flowers at the memorial. They have been placing flowers, stuffed animals, candles, and jewelry at a second memorial in Uvalde’s town square. Now it has become a gathering place for residents to unite in their anguish.

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