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China Eastern Airlines Resumes Boeing 737-800 Flights

On March 21st, 2022, China Eastern Airlines grounded all its Boeing 737-800 aircraft after the fatal crash that killed 132 people. But now, China Eastern Airlines has restarted Boeing 737-800 jetliners for commercial flights.

China Eastern holds a total of 106 units of the 737-800 variants that were grounded. Currently, the carrier is now feeling confident to re-enter its service after conducting systematic tests, structural checkups, and verifying airworthiness data for each of the aircraft.

Boeing with registration numbers close to the unit that crashed on March 21st is still undergoing checks and evaluation.

Many test flights in progress are:

  • Flight MU5843 with a 737-800 in the form of registration B-207L left Kunming and landed in Chengdu.
  • Jetliners 737-700 from Kunming to Chengdu.
  • Flight with registration number B-207L also performed a test flight in Kunming

Flight MU5735 crash is China’s third-deadliest air disaster that has set a record in history. Thus, both of the flight’s black boxes have been recovered, and a preliminary report with ICAO will be disclosed within 30 days of the incident. The United States’ NTSB is working together with China’s CAAC to determine the cause. This is due to the ICAO agreement, as the aircraft was manufactured in the US then the US is allowed to serve as a representative in the crash investigation.

China Eastern Airlines’ decision to re-introduce the Boeing 737-800 shows that the carrier has faith in the model following the crash. The aviation industry will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on official updates from China Eastern and Chinese authorities regarding investigations in the coming days.

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