what you should do if you ever miss a connecting flight

Here is what you should do if you ever miss a connecting flight

The worst feeling in the world is when you are flying internationally and miss your flight. At the airport, you have no idea and don’t know how to make it there in time. Or the plane of your connecting flight takes off without you. Many travelers have faced the struggle of missing a flight. It […]

Nonstop VS Direct Flights

Know what could be better flying direct or non-stop

No matter if you’re a first-time flier or an experienced jet-setter, you can probably get confused with the types of flights and their seat type. This is because there are various airlines with different facilities as well as routes. There are definitely plenty of secrets and facts your airline isn’t telling you.  There can be […]

Which is The Best Time to Visit India for a Surreal Experience ?

India is well-known for its rich heritage, culture, and religion. To visit a place, which is rich and abundant in the culture and comprises various communities, India is the best one them. Indian culture is not built in a day, it took centuries of history, declaring it one of the oldest, and best in the […]

Air Suvidha Form

Guidelines for Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form 

After the global pandemic COVID-19 there are many changes in air Travel. For the safety purpose of travelers, there are some restrictions made by airlines as well as the government. Air Suvidha is one of those necessary steps that all passengers have to comply with. Individuals traveling to India must complete the Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form to […]

Top 12 Destinations for budget travel in India 

Are you looking for a break from the routine and want to travel around the heart of the Himalayas? Or do you need some adventurous trip before starting the hectic work week ahead? Now, you do not have to plan in advance or spend an enormous amount of money to take a quick break to […]

How much gold can I carry on an international flight

How much gold can I carry on an international flight?

These days we frequently hear about gold being seized at the airports. This happens when passengers fail to comply with the gold carrying policy by airlines. Since there are certain restrictions on carrying gold on a flight and entering a country with gold. Take a look at meeting gold import requirements into the country before […]

Is it safe to fly during pregnancy

Is it safe to fly during pregnancy? Know the complete Airline guidelines and Rules

Many women will have to fly during pregnancy and it is completely safe during the second trimester. But, to confirm that flying is safe for you, consult with your doctor before considering an international trip. It is safe to book international flights from USA to India until 36 weeks of pregnancy but some airlines restrict […]