Mumbai international airport

Facilities and Terminal Information at Mumbai International Airport

Mumbai International Airport  is the second main airport for entry in India ranked after Delhi. It is among the most engaged airports in India. When it comes to international passenger traffic, Mumbai holds a very good record. Mumbai airport holds more than forty-five million travelers every year. But now this airport has been extended with […]

what you should do if you ever miss a connecting flight

Here is what you should do if you ever miss a connecting flight

The worst feeling in the world is when you are flying internationally and miss your flight. At the airport, you have no idea and don’t know how to make it there in time. Or the plane of your connecting flight takes off without you. Many travelers have faced the struggle of missing a flight. It […]

Nonstop VS Direct Flights

Know what could be better flying direct or non-stop

No matter if you’re a first-time flier or an experienced jet-setter, you can probably get confused with the types of flights and their seat type. This is because there are various airlines with different facilities as well as routes. There are definitely plenty of secrets and facts your airline isn’t telling you.  There can be […]

Which is The Best Time to Visit India for a Surreal Experience ?

India is well-known for its rich heritage, culture, and religion. To visit a place, which is rich and abundant in the culture and comprises various communities, India is the best one them. Indian culture is not built in a day, it took centuries of history, declaring it one of the oldest, and best in the […]

COVID 19 update

No More Covid-19 testing required for Arrivals in USA

In past, the COVID rules and restrictions were strict and travelers who were fully vaccinated needed to show proof of a negative test within three days of travel on the other hand unvaccinated people had to show proof within one day of travel. But, after the omicron variant came into action in November 2021, there […]

USA to DOHA Non Stop Flights

List of Direct and Non Stop flights Routes from USA to Doha by Qatar Airways?

Doha-based Qatar Airways is well known for its best onboard experience. Qatar Airways is a full-service carrier having an ideally located hub in the Middle East. For travelers flying from North America to Africa, Central Asia, and even Southeast Asia it is the ideal connection point. There are various routes operated by Qatar Airways you […]

fifa 2022

What are your thoughts behind these Spectacular FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums in Qatar?

Are you excited about the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022? Look how Qatar is busy constructing the stadium to make it the best. From manpower to financial support everything is on a great level to make this largest sports event in the world memorable for everyone. You should book flights to Qatar in advance because closer […]

Father's Day Celebration

How to Celebrate Father’s Day in the best possible way?

Every Year Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. It is a day when you can express love to your dads. Though Father’s Day did not originate in India, it is celebrated with great joy & excitement here. Everyone loves to click pictures with the most important person in […]

Condolences Expressed To Nepal

Condolences Expressed To Nepal over Victims Of Plane Crash On Sunday

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Monday expressed condolences to the government and people of Nepal over the victims of a plane crash. Tara Air plane crashed amid bad weather in Nepal. The wreckage of the plane, operated by Nepali carrier Tara Air, was recovered in Mustang district. The plane was on a […]

Grandmother Pleads For Action After School Shooting in UVALDE, Texas

Grandmother Pleads For Action After School Shooting in UVALDE, Texas

Ten-year-old Amerie Garza who was a fourth-grade student at Robb Elementary School loved her classes, drawing, and playing with clay. But, unfortunately she was one of 19 children murdered by a teen gunman in an act of evil. This violent act in Uvaled has forever changed Texas town. 63-year-old Dora Mendoza, who lived with Amerie […]