Baggage Allowance of Air India

Baggage Allowance of Air India

There are a number of enlarged safety actions in place at all the airports, with the severe rules on what you can and cannot take in your hand luggage. It is particularly important for the backpack by keeping this in mind to avoid the unnecessary delays at the airport safety.

  • Sort and Size of Hand Baggage permitted

Hand luggage is the bag that you take on the plane with you, though clutch baggage is a stuff that you show in. The Section for Transport has decided the extreme size for an object of hand luggage as 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, that is all-encompassing of the wheels, knobs, and the additional pockets. Distinct Airlines can also have their private rules linked to the number of bags you are legalized to bring on the aircraft. It is well to make interaction with them if you have any enquiries.

  • Laptops and other electric objects

You are permissible to take on the electrical stuff such as laptops and hairdryers in your carry bag, but they will be needed to be verified on their own.

  • Vital medical apparatus

You are also allowed to carry all along with the medical equipment if it is needed in between the voyage. The apparatus too would be tested individually and must be carried by maintaining the papers from a skilled medical expert. Perilous and constricted items: that you cannot take on board on an airplane.

  • Extra-large objects

Any item of hand luggage that is large will not be allowed in the aircraft compartment. Musical devices. If you have some ideas of traveling with a noticeably big musical tool, it is most wise to make contact with your airline prior to booking in your baggage as this would need a special approval and you may require making specific provisions. All these musical tools need to be specifically tested.


  • Verified Baggage Allowance of Air India is valid only on Air-India flights and not on Air-India Express, Alliance-Air or any other Secret Code flights.
  • Passenger going on the Air-India domestic sector and linking to Air-India Global sector or vice-versa on the similar ticket, the Free Baggage Payment of Worldwide sector will be relevant.
  • Gold Member of the Star-Alliance would go on to be allowed an extra 20Kgs of baggage budget in the Economy Class.
  • Participants of Premium Club and Flying Returns would go on to be approved extra baggage, as informed from time to time, over the same. Children will be permitted to a single one portable stroller or the carrycot or the baby car seat.

Weight Idea

  • Baggage Measurements for First-class & Business
  • The amount of the 3 dimensions (length + width + altitude) of every single piece must not go beyond 62 inches for each one piece.
  • The greatest weight permitted for a specific piece of hand baggage is 32 kgs. or 70 pounds.
  • Baggage Dimensions for Economy class
  • For Economy travelers with two pieces of baggage, the total shared dimensions of both bits should not surpass 273cm (107 inches). Also, the linear features of each section should not surpass 62 inches.
  • The bulk of each bag must not go beyond 23Kgs or 50-pounds.

Additional Baggage Allowance of Air India for the Flying-Returns Representatives

  • On flights controlled by Air-India or the Star-Alliance member airline: Main Active / Operational Flying Returns participants can have additional baggage grant.
  • Additional Luggage Grant based on Rank of the Flying-Returns members on Air-India flights over and beyond what is normal or usually permitted depending on the Log Cabin class for each one flight, weight idea and portion view segments correspondingly.
  • Ban on Bearing of Lithium Battery Powered Self Matching Devices in Traveler Luggage. For Power Banks, they cannot be carried out in the Checkered Baggage but can be carried in the Hand Luggage.
  • Silver Edge Club Members are qualified for the extra baggage grant on the flights run by Air-India only, but the Golden Edge Club and The Maharajah Club Associates (consistent to Star Gold) are qualified for the extra baggage grant on Star Alliance functioned flights too.

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